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 "With this, and a passport, you're on your way."

— HGTV's Review of Compadre: Interact

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  • Instant bi-directional translation of nearly 200 language pairs.
  • Runs directly on the desktop of your Windows Vista® or Windows 7® PC.
  • Your choice of display size – small for minimal footprint, or large to enter longer sentences.
  • Unlike other apps, Gadget supports full cut and paste operations.



Instant Translation of Nearly 200 Language Pairs

Compadre:GadgetWant to translate a phrase, a short sentence, or just see the translation of a word or two? Then Compadre:Gadget® is your answer. With Gadget, you can instantly translate phrases to and from 20 different languages, resulting in nearly 200 language pairs. Choose English to Korean; or Thai to Danish; or Swedish to Arabic – they’re all part of your Gadget module. Further, Compadre:Gadget® is automatically localized to your language – whatever language you have set for your computer is the language that Compadre:Gadget will use for its interface.

Your Desktop Translator

Compadre:Gadget resides directly on the desktop of computers that are running Microsoft’s Windows Vista® or Windows 7® operating system software. When you install the module, it becomes part of your gadget toolbar. Just write or type in your phrase, select the language(s) you want, and click on the translate button - that’s all it takes and you’ll instantly see your translation.

Your Choice of Display Size

Compadre:Gadget Your module includes two interface options: a small size that leaves your desktop free for other applications; and a larger size that allows you to enter longer sentences and phrases. Take your pick - all it takes is a click to switch between the two sizes.

Cut and Paste

Unlike other PC gadgets, Compadre:Gadget® supports cut and paste operations. That way it’s easy to enter phrases to be translated, and to use the translations in your other applications such as Microsoft Office.

Get Translating Today

Compadre:Gadget is part of SpeechGear’s Compadre instant translation suite. With Compadre your conversations are instantly translated and spoken aloud while you are speaking – no delays or waiting; your documents are translated in seconds with the formatting automatically preserved – no cutting or pasting; your text messages are instantly translated and voiced aloud – you both see and hear the translation. Plus you can easily add your own terms and vocabulary to your translation system. It’s all part of the complete Compadre suite.

As a thanks for visiting our website, go ahead and download the Gadget Translator for Free – no strings attached.