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"At last, this is the StarTrek Universal Translator, and you can buy it today."

— CNET's Review of Compadre:Interact

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  • Instant translation of your documents.
  • Automatically retains formatting such as picture placement, font types, and layout of the original document.
  • Automatically scales font sizes so the translated version fits in the same space as the original.
  • No need to cut and paste. Document’s features are directly included in your Microsoft Office programs such as Word® and PowerPoint®.
  • Use the included ComposerEditor feature to add your own vocabulary to your system.
  • Use the included DocumentViewer feature to display the original document along with translated versions all on a single LCD projector.
  • Plus much more...


Instantly Translate Documents

Click a button, and your document is instantly translated and automatically formatted. With Compadre:Document ®, it’s that simple. From creation through distribution and presentation, Document combined with Microsoft Office® is your solution for translating documents. It is not an expensive service, but rather an affordable software program that resides on your computer. From quick notes that you have entered in a Word® Document, to fully animated PowerPoint® presentations, use Compadre:Document to lower your translation costs while improving your translation quality.

Affordable, Easy-to-Use, and Accurate

When you purchase Compadre:Document®, the translation features are automatically added to your existing Microsoft Office programs. Just open up PowerPoint or Word®, and you’ll now have the added power of instantly translating your files. Unlike other translation programs, with Document’s patented auto-format feature there’s no need to cut and paste text into a separate translation program, then translate the text, and then paste the translation back into the original document; just click the “Translate All” button and your done. Document automatically retains the formatting of your original document. If there’s a picture in the original, it will also be there in the translation. If the original document has bold and underlined text written in red, the translation will have this same formatting. Document even provides tools for automatically defining and expanding acronyms that appear within a line of text, and scaling fonts so that a one-page document remains a one-page document when it is translated. Perhaps you want to perform a more thorough line-by-line review and at the same time add your own vocabulary and translations to the Composer engine? With Document, you can easily do this. Further, because Compadre is a fully integrated suite, any new terms you add to your Composer translation engine are automatically added to your other Compadre modules such as Interact.


Compadre:Document does more than just provide you with quick and accurate translations. This is especially true for PowerPoint presentations. Once you’re ready to show your presentation, the included DocumentViewer tool allows you to simultaneously display the original file along with your translated versions all on the same computer screen. With DocumentViewer you no longer need multiple LCD projectors or to worry about keeping translated versions synchronized throughout the presentation.

To Purchase a copy of Document

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