What Others are Saying

"At last, this is the StarTrek Universal Translator, and you can buy it today."

— CNET's Review of Compadre:Interact

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  • Complete ready-to-use system that combines SpeechGear’s Interpreter software with a ruggidized computer and a built-in loud speaker for instant bi-directional translation, anytime, anywhere.
  • Speak, type, write or select a phrase using the touchscreen, and with Communicator you will both see and hear the translation spoken in the second language.
  • Use PhraseBuilder™ to say exactly what you want – use it to translate over 100,000 words and phrases.
  • Full function Windows Mobile computer supports all your applications including Windows Mobile Office, calendars, calculator, contact manager, media player, games, and internet connectivity.
  • Intel PXA processor with Windows Mobile OS and 2 USB ports.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • 4” VGA sunlight readable touchscreen.
  • High quality speaker.
  • 11 ounces in weight.
  • 5.3” x 3” x 1” in size.
  • Plus much more...


Instant Spoken Translations

Communicator™ combines SpeechGear’s Interpreter software with a
ruggedized handheld computer to provide instant spoken

translation in a pocketsize system. Simply speak, type, write or use Communicator’s touchscreen to select the words or phrases you want to translate. With Communicator you both see and hear the translation. It’s that simple, instant spoken translation.

Easy to Use

Other systems require you to navigate through multiple menus and scroll through long lists to try to find the phrase you want. Communicator makes it easy. Communicator’s dictionary and phrases are all part of the same interface. Plus, you can easily create your own Favorites Lists for quick recall of phrases that you frequently use. Want more? Communicator remembers the most recent 20 phrases that you’ve translated, allowing easy reuse. Even more? Use the powerful Find features to locate phrases that you want to translate. It all adds up to a powerful, flexible, yet easy-to-use, pocketable system.

Say What You Want to Say

With Communicator, you will no longer be frustrated by being forced to only use a fixed set of phrases that are hard to locate and difficult to remember. Instead, Communicator’s PhraseBuilder™ technology lets you say exactly what you want to say. With a single click, Do you need ____? becomes Do you need some assistance? or Do you need Band-Aids? You can also insert words from Communicator’s dictionary directly into your phrases. For example, you can enter a word into the phrase, I am allergic to _____. Communicator also lets you choose to use audio recorded by a native speaker or have Communicator automatically generate the speech using your selection of a male or female voice.

Add Your Own Words, Phrases and Categories

The Communicator system includes SpeechGear’s patented Composer software that lets you add your own new words, phrases and categories. This gives you the flexibility to say what you want to say, anytime, anywhere. With Composer, you control who can add new vocabulary and when this vocabulary should be distributed to all your platforms.

Package Options

Communicator comes standard with words and phrases for general conversation (49 categories). Additional packages, such as emergency medical situations (24 categories) and military applications (17 categories) are available, plus SpeechGear will work with you to create a vocabulary specific to your needs and show you how you can use Composer to continually update your systems yourselves, anytime, and anywhere. The Communicator system includes a speaker loud enough to be heard in most settings. For extremely noisy situations, or where crowd control is an issue, SpeechGear offers an optional bull-horn speaker.

To Purchase Your Own Communicator

You can order your systems directly through SpeechGear or through one of our many resellers and distributors. SpeechGear carefully qualifies its partners, making sure that they have the same strong commitment to their customers as we do. Please visit our Purchase page for help in configuring and ordering your system, or send us a note and we'll be glad to help.