What Others are Saying

 "Here's the most amazing technology I've seen."

— Guto Harri, BBC World Correspondent Describing Compadre: Interact During a Live Broadcast from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

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General Information:
SpeechGear, Inc.
205 South Water Street
Northfield, MN 55057
Telephone: +1-507-664-9123
FAX: +1-866-356-6644
Email: info@speechgear.com

Telephone: +1-507-664-9123, Option 1
Email: sales@speechgear.com

Technical Support:
Telephone: +1-507-664-9123, Option 2
Email: support@speechgear.com

Shipping Department:
Telephone: +1-507-664-9123, Option 3
Email: shipping@speechgear.com

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