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Compadre Translation Suite

Instant translation of conversations, documents, and more...

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Free Software

Download free applications compliments of SpeechGear...

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Auditory Sciences

Communication products for people with disabilities...

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News Updates


SpeechGear and Auditory Sciences have outgrown their current facilities and as such are moving. The new address is 205 South Water Street,...


March 5, 2013, Tucson, AZ – Assistech announced today that they are partnering with Auditory Sciences to provide innovative products to...


January 7, 2013, Northfield, MN – SpeechGear announced today that it has added Greek to the list of languages supported by their translation...

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From the workplace, to schools, to retailers, to our neighborhoods; in today’s world to communicate you need to be able to speak and understand multiple languages. The answer to removing this language barrier is SpeechGear’s award winning suite of instant translation products. With SpeechGear, you can instantly translate whatever you say, hear, read, write or type.

Translation as You Are Speaking

Family DoctorWith Compadre:Interact® just talk and whatever you are saying is simultaneously voiced aloud in your choice of a second language. That’s all it takes. No pressing buttons, clicking icons, or waiting for the translation to be generated. Interact also translates whatever you type, plus with a touchscreen, whatever you write.

One-Click Translation of Documents

Two Men TalkingCompadre:Document® instantly translates Microsoft Office® files such as Word® documents and PowerPoint® presentations. There’s no need to cut-and-paste as with other document translation programs, just click a button and your complete document is translated, formatted and ready to use.